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Create New Account. Sun in Gemini Gemini is an air sign with dual personality and its lord is Mercury, which is a neutral planet of earthy element. Serial Killers and Astrology? Ardra Nakshatra: General. Joined Messages Description of Gemini Zodiac. According to astrology, Gemini Zodiac people are those born in the dates from between 21st May to 20th June. The channel' s programming includes serials, films, film- based programs, game shows and News. Learn more Enter your mobile number or email address below and we' ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Watch Queue Queue. HD feed of Gemini TV has also launched in the end of the year. Watch Gemini tv Prathibimbam serials online, recently published full Prathibimbam serial episodes on Tuesday 14 March About Shows Prathibimbam is a story of an active girl. A sensational melodrama about three good- hearted and compassionate sisters Mahalakshmi. Gemini TV has launched on 2nd July Gemini TV Serial. Chapter [ Sarga] 2 Introduction.

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Today Episode Keratalu Daily Serial. Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Mercury considers Sun as a friend, which is neutral towards Mercury so placement of Sun in Gemini brings positive results for the native. Another new serial on Gemini TV is set to enthral the audience from January This chapter introduces us to the glorious city of Lanka and Hanuma' s first encounter with it. Chicken without skin has However, by the time it If left untreated, heat exhaus- stuck in the ureter, the ureter juice, tender coconut water, put the glass back and say you opt for foods with a lot of fibre less saturated fat than red comes to the desserts most tion can progress to heat stroke, keeps contracting to push the butter milk or tomato juice in- are done.

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At parties specially, — vegetables, cereals, dals. This can cause intense stead. The no minerals, vitamins or pro- course. Curries with fat float- and greens. Keep helpings of wrong choices out of igno- mousses, the pies, sponge Older adults are at high risk for treatment is conservative to begin teins and can get converted ing on the surface, baked dis- dishes with rich gravy to the rance, unaware of the hidden cakes and gulab jamuns and heat stroke due to the decreased with.

Injections are given to re- into fat, adding weight to the hes liberally topped with bare minimum. Says Dr. Bhuva- settle for a healthy fruit salad thirst mechanisms that occur with lieve the pain. Intravenous and lifestyle. They tend to become dehy- oral fluids are given to correct the triglycerides in your blood if variety of sea food — a mouth- idiappams and rice, phulkas dishes or fried koftas and rich The timing and frequency of drated much faster. It is advisable dehydration and to help wash the consumed in excess. Cardiac, eating out are also important for older adults to remain indoors stone out.

Mullasari, well to skip alcohol. So it is the times of day when the heat is at its peak usually between 10 a. Surgery is usually not and 2 p. Steamed foods are healthy. Beware hidden fats in fried foods and desserts. There should be a carry water with you. Buttermilk The author is a Chennai-based two pegs of whisky or brandy cheese. Restrict eating out to twice a month. Check portion sizes and indicate dietary bedtime. Avoid health issues. The older you get, the tougher it is to lose. B Though I oil my hair reg- eautician Shahnaz Hussain ularly and condition it after offers tips and answers shampooing it, it becomes weight, because by then your body and your queries.

Is and hair. Dip a towel in hot water, it all right to use coconut oil squeeze out the water and wrap on the skin? I have a lot of the towel around your head like a open pores. How do I get rid of turban. Keep it on for five min- them? Repeat the hot towel wrap three or four times. Leave the oil Open pores occur on oily skin, on overnight. Use cold water or on the oily areas of combina- when you wash your hair. Weekly tion skin. Therefore, avoid apply- henna treatments will also help. It will Add four tsp each of lemon juice lead to more open pores.

You can and coffee, two raw eggs and apply it on the body. After wash- enough curd to henna powder, ing your face, apply an astringent mixing it into a thick paste. Apply lotion on the areas with open it on your hair, washing it off af- pores. Mix oatmeal with egg white ter an hour.

If you do not wish to and apply it three times a week on use egg, add more curd. Wash it off when it dries. If you do not wish to use gent lotion, using cotton wool. I look fair but my hands are I have dry and dark lips. Suggest a conditioner for egg, mix multani mitti with rose Mix a little rose water with san- dark, dry and rough. Apply it on the dalwood paste and apply it on the hours does not help. Mix of sunflower oil and three tbsp of The skin on the lips is thin and Give your hair conditioning cinnamon powder with a little coarse sugar. Mix the two into a delicate.

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After washing your face, treatment before you shampoo it. I have lots of pimples on my lemon juice and a few drops of paste. Apply it daily on your rub lips gently with a soft towel Beat well one tsp each of vinegar face and my skin is very oily. Apply it only hands, rinsing it off after 15 min- when they are wet. This helps re- and honey with an egg. Massage Christy on the pimples daily and leave it utes. Wear rubber gloves while move dead skin.

Then apply the mixture lightly into your hair. Simmer using detergents for household cream of milk, leaving it on for an Then give yourself the hot towel Dandruff can lead to pimples. Cool and chores. After using soap or de- hour. Apply pure almond oil daily treatment, leaving it on for half Wash your face twice a day, morn- strain the water.

Make a paste of tergents, massage your hands on your lips at night, leaving it on an hour before washing your hair. Change your brand of soap.

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Then, wipe it with an astrin- on your face. Avoid creams. W atermelon is a tender, warm- cardiovascular disease. It is also above it. Scrape the seeds from the season vegetable. It can be high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, in remaining piece. Potassium is also avail- Home preservation atures and longer growing season of able, which is believed to help con- the southern areas especially favour trol blood pressure and possibly Seeded watermelon chunks can be this vegetable.

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Watermelon is truly prevent strokes. Watermelon sor- It is fun to eat, and good for you. Preparation and serving bet or granita stays fresh in the Watermelon seeds were brought to freezer for up to 3 months. The this country by African slaves. Today The flavour of watermelon is best difference between a sorbet and a there are more than different va- enjoyed raw. Heating diminishes the granita is in the texture. Sorbets are rieties of watermelons. The flesh may flavour and softens the texture.

Wa- smooth, whereas granitas are coarse. There termelon tastes best icy cold in fruit You do not need an ice cream maker are seedless varieties and super- smoothies, slushes or simply eaten to make a granita. Now, for s recipe. To make melon balls, cut the Watermelon Smoothie sweet round ones that fit nicely into from the rind.

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Most watermelons have dark watermelon in half lengthwise then Ingredients brown or black seeds. The seedless into quarters. Watermelon balls can Lemon, fat-free yoghurt : variety produces a few white seeds. Create ounces Once picked, uncut watermelon can perfect balls, using a melon baller, Cubed, seeded watermelon: 3 be stored for about 2 weeks at room and a twist of the wrist.

Uncut melon balls as well as other fruit. By sitting the Ice cubes: 3 perature until ready to chill and eat. Watermelon is low in calories and in half again. With the flesh of each Process until smooth and frothy. It is high in lycopene, sec- wedge on top and the rind sitting on Serve in tall glasses with a straw. Recent re- the counter, look for the row of Makes 4 servings. The pliable, supportive gel insole in the heel cushions every step by gently soaking the impact of the ground.

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  6. The shoe features a rich, full grain leather upper, sheep leather lining, special cushions to absorb moisture and also Light Weight TPR Sole. This comfortable range comes in 3 styles-2 slip ons and 1 lace variant. Priced at Rs. What can you give me to keep it in? Doctor: A shoebox. But I would like you to know that I had mentioned you in my will. What is the problem? Doctor: What seems to be the trouble? Patient: Doctor, I keep getting the feeling that nobody can hear what I say. It is tar- Parasuram pens an that was accompanied by high fever.

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    To meet this requirement, Along Way and is ideal for house- The book took the reader on a he was moved to Sylvan Hall. It includes warm-ups, world tour, as Kamala gave an ac- Those around Chandru had to dips, push-ups, skipping, surya count of the places she visited with be careful not to irritate or annoy namaskar body toning, step aerobics, stretches and abs workout. Fitness Thro Gym is for those her husband during international him as a troubled mental state led who want to shape and tone flabby muscles. Techniques used by body builders, athletes and business trips.

    She also feels an emo- Sibling Remembers published by short 88 pages. The fee for a May 8 to 10, 10 a. May 5 onwards, 46, South West day-long course will be Rs. For 16th Street, Padi Puthu Nagar. Boag Road, T. Traditional art including 3D and Kerala murals. For May 3 and 4, Hotel Southern For details, call Bhakthvatsalam Nagar, Adyar. Discounts ranging May 4 onwards, 8. The Astrology Handicrafts and handlooms Salai, T. Box , A, Anna S.

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    Colony, Paper Mills Road, personality development and Salai. Somasundaram, president of the ghagra-cholis, kurtas, tops and dress more. A Books advised to be take their seats on a first-come-first-served basis at least fifteen minutes before the Quiz will be followed by the prelims.

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