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Horrific things happen every day across this globe, very often perpetrated by governments or those in positions of power. And there is no way to make sense of this. We want to. Our human brains want to find a cause. If we find a cause, then we can address it. Empathy is one avenue, yes… but what if evil just exists? How do we make sense of that? How do we wrestle with it? But the true, root cause? Leave a Comment. Excuse me, but conservatives come to mind? That, in and of itself is an evil and divisive comment. What I was trying to demonstrate that certain political figures gain a groundswell of support due to many factors, including economic.

A sector of Trump supporters in America are in economic distress and feel that America has lost its glory. In the 30s, many in Germany felt similarly about their own nation state. My point was that both figures campaigned on similar issues. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

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  5. Close Menu Search Search Send. Hitler, According to the Zodiac Adolf Hitler was a Taurus with a Capricorn moon.

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    Conservative comes to mind, committed, yes, but certainly not evil. There are, however, historical trends. And individuals become the embodiment of them.

    Did Hitler’s obsession with the occult lose him the war?

    Share Comment. Click here to cancel reply. If you like what you read Sign up for our weekly digest. For more articles check out our print mag. In fact they are the sober truth, just part of the immense trove of bizarre material on Nazis and the supernatural that eight years of research by Eric Kurlander has uncovered. Here, over a large map of the Atlantic, a one-inch model battleship was moved about, as an expert in pendulum-dowsing swung a metal diviner on string above the map, watched by fascinated German admirals.

    The Germans had convinced themselves that the British were finding U-boats by pendulum dowsing. This overtly racist worldview was believed in by Hitler, Hess, Himmler and other senior Nazis. Himmler wasted much time and money on research into magic rays which he hoped would find oil and gold in the Rhine. Not all Nazis believed in this tosh. Thousands were rounded up and put in camps, but within months most were free again, many working for Himmler.

    In , at a time of acute labour shortage, an estimated 3, tarot-card readers were still working in Berlin alone. The British knew all about the Nazi weakness for magic and parachuted faked copies of the astrological magazine Zenit into Germany which contained decidedly pessimistic horoscopes for Hitler and his acolytes. Deeply researched, convincingly authenticated, this extraordinary study of the magical and supernatural at the highest levels of Nazi Germany will astonish — and provide scholars and the general reader with much food for thought.

    Without such widespread crackpot beliefs the Nazis might just have won the war.

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    Thank heavens they did. James Forsyth. James Delingpole. Robert Peston. Stephen Daisley. Nick Rosen. Katy Balls. Bobby Friedman. Brendan O'Neill. Molly Guinness. Nigel Jones. Helen R. Allan Mallinson. Clare Mulley.